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Understanding Results

If you have already been tested and have received your Oncotype DX® breast cancer test report, you will have discussed the results with your doctor*. This section can also help you understand what the information contained in that report means.

The test produces the Recurrence Score® result, a number between 0 and 100. Patients with lower Recurrence Scores have a lower risk of their cancer returning. They will also be less likely to benefit from chemotherapy. However, this does not mean that there is no chance of the cancer returning. Similarly, a higher Recurrence Score means that there is a greater chance of the cancer returning. A higher Recurrence Score does not mean that the cancer will always return. These patients will have a higher likelihood of benefiting from chemotherapy as part of their treatment.

Your doctor is a valuable resource for helping you better understand the meaning of each section of your report. Genomic Health is not able to advise you directly on an appropriate treatment plan based on your Recurrence Score result.

*Breast surgeon or oncologist 

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