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How to Order the Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay

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Contact Customer Support to obtain specimen transportation kit boxes, pre-printed shipping materials and pathology guidelines for preparation of samples. Kit boxes arrive within 2 to 3 business days.

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Order via our secure Online Portal. Contact Customer Support to request online access.

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Prepare the specimen for submission. Detailed pathology instructions are provided with the specimen box. While the Genomic Health laboratory can accept tumour blocks and unstained slides, blocks are preferred due to the frequent requirement of manual microdissection of the specimen consistent with clinical trial experience.

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Ship the specimen in the specimen kit box to our centralised laboratory in Redwood City, California, using the pre-printed FedEx Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice. Genomic Health covers the shipping charges using FedEx.

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Receive results within 7 to 10 calendar days of receipt of the specimen (provided that all information required has been included on the online order/requisition form). Results are returned to the healthcare professionals listed on the order form as well as their delegates via the secure online portal.


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