Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score

How to Order a Test

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Contact Customer Service to obtain specimen transportation kit boxes, requisition forms and pathology guidelines for preparation of samples. In Canada, kit boxes will arrive within 24 to 48 hours.

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Request that the pathologist retrieve and prepare the specimen for submission. Detailed pathology instructions are provided with the specimen box. While the Genomic Health laboratory can accept tumour blocks and unstained slides, blocks are preferred due to the frequent requirement for manual micro dissection of the specimen consistent with clinical trial experience.

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Complete the Oncotype DX requisition form and send it along with the specimen. There is publicly funded coverage for the test in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Patients can also self-pay if there is no coverage in their province or if they do not meet pre-specified provincial eligibility criteria. Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, bank wire transfer or money order.

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Ship the specimen in the Oncotype DX specimen kit box to our centralized laboratory in Redwood City, California via our preferred courier, FedEx, using the pre-printed shipping document and commercial invoice (required by U. S. customs). Genomic Health covers the shipping charges to send the specimen from Canada to the United States.

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The Oncotype DX Invasive Breast Recurrence Score results are typically reported within 7-10 days after the sample is received (provided that all information required has been included on the requisition form). Learn more about interpreting the results.

Specimens are analyzed in the United States. To submit a specimen, a Customs Declaration is required for the specimen to be accepted into the United States. Oncotype DX Specimen Kits comply with international packaging regulations for diagnostic specimens (IATA 650 Packaging Instruction). Please contact Customer Service in advance to discuss any special requirements.




Accessing Reports

The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score results are typically reported within 7 - 10 days after the sample is received.

Reports can be delivered by fax or secure online transfer to the treating physician, submitting pathologist and/or other authorized healthcare providers.

In an effort to provide high-quality customer service and rapid turnaround time, Genomic Health offers online access to patient test results. This online service is free of charge and is available to all healthcare professionals who order the Oncotype DX assay. For more information, please visit the Genomic Health online physician portal.

If you are a new user of Genomic Health online physician portal and do not have a user ID, or if you have forgotten your user ID or password, please contact Customer Service.


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