Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue Patient Brochure

Rapid Testing for Targeted Treatment Options

Cancer doesn’t wait and neither should you. If you have advanced, metastatic, refractory, relapsed, or recurrent cancer, the Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test may help you and your doctor identify targeted treatment options based on your tumor profile.

The Oncotype MAP test identifies genomic alterations that may help guide therapy selection for your specific cancer based on your tumor characteristics.

Oncotype MAP brochure

Answers Provided by the Oncotype MAP Test

Using the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) Guidelines of actionable indications for therapy, the test results help your doctor determine:
✔  FDA-approved therapies that may help you
✔  Therapies that can be ruled out
✔  Clinical trial options

Ask Your Doctor if the Oncotype MAP Test is Right for You

If you have questions about this test and would like to speak with a knowledgeable Customer Service specialist at Exact Sciences, please contact us.

Getting the test is simple:

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Identify Your Treatment Options with the Oncotype MAP Test

The Oncotype MAP Pan-Cancer Tissue test delivers rapid, comprehensive tumor profiling using a small sample of your tumor. This information, unique to your individual cancer, can help determine which treatments will be most effective for you, and aid in therapy selection.

Learn More About Your Insurance Options

Medicare covers the Oncotype MAP test for qualifying members. Commercial coverage varies by insurance plan and patient benefit level. Exact Sciences strongly encourages you to contact your insurance carrier to better understand your benefits.

To learn more, contact our Customer Service group by phone at 888-ONCOTYPE (888-662-6897) or by email.

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