About the Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score test

If you’ve been diagnosed with a non-invasive breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), there are several treatment options available. The important question is: Which treatment is right for you?

The Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score test looks at the tumor biology to find out how likely your cancer is to return. Armed with this information, you and your doctor can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Reasons to get a Breast DCIS Score test

Although DCIS is an early, non-invasive form of breast cancer—and rarely life threatening—some women with DCIS are at risk for the cancer coming back in the same breast (local recurrence) as either DCIS or invasive breast cancer.

Before the Breast DCIS Score test, doctors only had measurements (such as margin width, tumor size, and tumor grade) to estimate how likely a patient’s cancer was to return. The Breast DCIS Score provides information about your tumor that’s not available from these pathological measures.

The Breast DCIS Score test is the only genomic test available for DCIS patients

The Breast DCIS Score is a genomic test—it looks at the activity of tumor genes. Specifically, the Breast DCIS Score tests a group of cancer-related genes in your tumor tissue. These genes can provide information about how your tumor might behave in the future, including how likely it is to grow and spread. Because every woman’s DCIS is unique, understanding the tumor biology will help you and your doctor make more confident decisions about your care.

Getting the test: No additional procedures are necessary

The first step is usually surgery (a core biopsy or an excision) to remove the DCIS tumor. After you’ve had this surgery, you will NOT need any additional surgery or procedure to get the Breast DCIS Score test. The Breast DCIS Score test is performed on a small amount of the tumor tissue that was removed during your original surgery.

Here’s how the test works:

STEP 1 of 6

You have surgery to remove your tumor (a core biopsy or an excision).

STEP 2 of 6

Your doctor orders the Breast DCIS Score test.

STEP 3 of 6

The hospital sends a sample of your tumor tissue to the Exact Sciences laboratory.

STEP 4 of 6

The Exact Sciences laboratory examines genes in your tumor.

STEP 5 of 6

Your results are available to your doctor approximately two weeks after Exact Sciences receives your tissue.

STEP 6 of 6

You and your doctor review the results and make decisions about your treatment.

Note: It is important that your doctor requests the Breast DCIS Score test before you start any treatment, since the test is intended to help you make treatment decisions. Speak with your healthcare team to understand more about the Breast DCIS Score test results and how they may impact your treatment planning.

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