Conference Updates
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium®
December 7-10, 2021


The Evolving Role of the Oncotype DX® Test in Breast Cancer: TAILORx, RxPONDER, and Beyond


Christy Russell, MD
Vice President, US Medical Affairs
Precision Oncology
Rick Baehner, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Precision Oncology

Thursday, 12/9/21, 12:00pm – 1:00pm CT

Presentations of Interest

Oral Presentation | Wednesday, 12/8/21 10:15 AM CT
Distant-disease free interval in participants (pts) with 1-3 positive lymph nodes (LN), hormone receptor-positive (HR+) and her2-negative (HER2-) breast cancer (BC) with Recurrence Score® (RS) < or = 25 randomized to endocrine therapy (ET) +/-chemotherapy (CT): SWOG s1007 (RxPONDER)
GS2-07 | Kalinsky

Poster Discussion | Thursday, 12/9/21 7:00 AM CT

Expanding Downstaging Criteria in AJCC Pathologic Prognostic Staging Using OncotypeDx Breast Recurrence Score® Assay in T1-2N0 Hormone-Receptor Positive Patients Enrolled in the TAILORx Trial
PD9-01 | Kanter

Poster Discussion | Friday, 12/10/21 7:00 AM CT
Assessment of estrogen receptor (ESR1) mRNA expression for prediction of extended aromatase inhibitor benefit in HR-positive breast cancer using NRG Oncology/NSABP B-42
PD-15-05 | Mamounas

Debate | Friday, 12/10/21 11:30 AM CT
RxPONDER: Was it all OFS?
Chair: Burstein

Validation of a 16-gene genomic signature to identify early-stage invasive breast cancer patients who may omit radiotherapy
P2-08-01 | Fyles

Using OncotypeDX Breast Recurrence Score (RS) assay to define the role of neoadjuvant endocrine therapy (NET) in early-stage hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer (BC)
P2-15-02 | Taylor

At SABCS 2020, Kevin Kalinsky, MD presented early RxPONDER data.

RxPONDER Clinical Trial Key Findings1

  • The majority of HR+, HER2-, N1 patients can be spared chemotherapy when decisions are guided with the OncotypeDX test
  • Postmenopausal women with 1-3 positive nodes and Recurrence Score result 0-25 can forgo adjuvant chemotherapy regardless of clinical pathological parameters
  • Premenopausal women with 1- 3 positive nodes and Recurrence Score result 0-25 significantly benefit from chemotherapy
  • RxPONDER study results are expected to be practice-changing for N1 HR+, HER2-, early breast cancer patients


  1. Kalinsky et al. Oral Presentation [GS3-00]. SABCS. 2020.

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