Oncotype SEQ Liquid Select

How does it Compare to Other Tests?

With targeted therapies becoming standard practice for the treatment of patients with advanced cancer, it’s critical to accurately understand the molecular profile of each patient’s tumor. From a simple blood draw, Oncotype SEQ Liquid Select detects specific genomic alterations that can help you quickly evaluate treatment options for your NSCLC patient.

Advantages over tissue biopsies

Historically, the majority of assays for clinically meaningful molecular alterations have relied on a tissue sample from the tumor. However, there are several advantages of liquid biopsies over tissue biopsies.

Liquid biopsies:

  • Work when tumor tissue is not readily available, or is insufficient.
  • Are non-invasive and have less procedural risk.
  • Are easily and quickly analyzed.
  • Capture tumor heterogeneity.

Advantages over other liquid biopsy tests

Unlike large panels used for research studies, Oncotype SEQ is designed to be clinically actionable—connecting patients to the treatments of greatest relevance to their precise molecular biology.

Other liquid biopsy tests typically use much larger gene panels that blend “clinically actionable” and “non-clinically actionable” genes. Oncotype SEQ focuses on 17 genes that are clinically actionable today, as identified by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN®) for FDA-approved therapy selection or that are promising markers used in matching patients to clinical trials.

The Oncotype SEQ report:

  • Indicates whether any clinically actionable variants are present in the patient’s sample.
  • Identifies any detected relevant variants, including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number gains (CN gains), rearrangements, and inserts and deletions (InDels) associated with existing FDA-approved therapies or relevant clinical trials.
  • Matches patients to clinical trials based on molecular marker enrollment criteria with approximately 90% coverage of currently enrolling clinical trials.

Because Oncotype SEQ Liquid Select focuses on genes that guide treatment options, the report is easy to interpret and share with patients. Using best practices honed on other Oncotype reports, the Oncotype SEQ Liquid Select report is formatted specifically with treatment planning in mind. View a sample report.

NCCN is a registered trademark of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. NCCN does not endorse any product or therapy.

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