New Report Provides Clear and Clinically Meaningful Results

Only the Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score report integrates clinicopathological features to provides an individualized risk assessment of 10-year local recurrence for DCIS patients. No other test can help you navigate the complexities of DCIS risk management to personalize your patient's treatment plan.

The Breast DCIS Score report:

  • QUANTIFIES 10-year risk of any local recurrence or an invasive local recurrence
  • CONFIRMED in a meta-analysis involving 773 patients
  • REFINED risk estimates with specified clinicopathologic features
  • INCREASES clarity and confidence in your patient's personalized treatment plan

    Oncotype DX Breast DCIS Score Report and Meta-Analysis Overview

    Our Director of Medical Affairs explains how the addition of tumor size and patient age increases the prognostic power of the Breast DCIS Score.




    Visual representation of DCIS Score result and overview of risk estimate


    Patient's 10year risk of local recurrence, based on patient's age, tumor size, and DCIS Score result


    Redefined risk of recurrence - any local recurrence (DCIS or invasive) and invasive local recurrence

    DCIS Score Report - Page 1

    Delivers quantitative single-gene scores for informed hormone therapy decision-making

    DCIS Score Report - Page 2

    Patient-friendly language to help explain the results to patients


    Visual representation of patient's personalized risk of local recurrence


    Notes section to facilitate patient discussions and treatment decisions


    Web address where patients can join the patient network

    DCIS Score Report - Page 3

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    Rakovitch et al. pooled data from 2 validation studies to refine estimates of local recurrence based on age and tumor size.

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